Hello and welcome to my Blog, Reflections. The name Reflections comes from the idea that as leaders we all must take time to reflect and consider the activities and circumstances of our life. In today’s busy world, this can be very hard to do. Believe me, as a Senior Executive in the Automotive Industry where processes are measured in seconds and new automobiles roll off the assembly line every minute, I know something about a hectic pace. Add to that, very active family and church lives, and you can imagine how hard it is to find time to be quiet and still.

I started this Blog to have a place to put my thoughts on “paper.” This is a practice of many great leaders. Writing gives us the chance to consider, formulate, and cement our beliefs and dreams. It is a way to hold ourselves accountable. I have been an active student of leadership for more than 20 years, and through this Blog I hope to further develop my own leadership philosophy, share from my own experiences, and also to share what I am continuing to learn from others.

I hope you enjoy my posts and look forward to your feedback…

Welcome to Reflections!

Jay T Butler


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